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Enjoy the adrenaline rush that only a paragliding flight can offer. Challenge the air currents, choose your direction and discover Valsesia from a unique viewpoint!


Experience the unique thrill of discovering the landscapes of Valsesia while flying. Paragliding is one of the outdoor activities that most fascinates those who seek adrenaline-fuelled experiences: either alone or in pairs, a colourful glider and a gentle wind is all it takes to be soaring through the air in an instant, embraced by the blue sky.

Paragliding is the ideal sport to discover Valsesia’s majestic mountains and breathtaking views from an unprecedented viewpoint. The sense of freedom associated with this unforgettable outdoor activity is one of the most sensational you will ever experience.

Paragliding is always charged with an amazing thrill. Are you ready for this new adventure? Valsesia awaits you!

Flying over the peaks of Valsesia
Admiring Mount Rosa from a unique perspective


From the 1,200 m of Mount Tovo to the 4,559 m of the Gnifetti Summit on Mount Rosa, Valsesia meets the demands of all flying enthusiasts with an extensive choice of activities. These range from short flights to scenic flights over glaciers, ridges and pastures, to winter flights with skis or snowboards strapped on your feet. The following are some proposals not to be missed:

  1. Bocchetta delle Pisse: from Alagna, take the cable car to Pianalunga, and then the two-seater chairlift to Bocchetta delle Pisse. Favourable flying conditions include a low northerly wind and recommended landing in the area of “mines” just outside Alagna;
  2. the Camparient Peak in Scopello at the Mera alpine pasture. Favourable flying conditions envisage a low northerly wind with recommended landing at Chioso;
  3. Mount Tovo, at Quarona in the hamlet of Doccio. Favourable flying conditions envisage winds from the east to south quadrants, possibly with a gentle northerly wind. The recommended landing site is at Doccio, in the Gabbio region.

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