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An iconic plant of the south-east Asian civilisation, where it was already known in its wild variety since 3500 BC, rice reached Land reclamation and irrigation works, which are indispensable for the spread of rice cultivation, began in the 12th century with the Cistercian monks in the Grange area, and continued in the following centuries throughout the Vercelli area.

In addition to radically altering the environment and landscape, these works favoured the creation of the closed courtyard farmstead, a typical housing structure of Vercelli’s agricultural civilisation, probably of feudal origin.Rice-growing spread on a large scale in the late 19th century, mainly due to new hydraulic engineering works, such as the Cavour Canal, transforming the Vercelli countryside into a social laboratory. 

The symbol of this rice-growing society is the “mondina“, the seasonal worker who cleans the rice fields and plants the new rice plants. This figure was also a protagonist in the social struggles that led to the eight-hour working day in 1906, and was also masterfully portrayed in Giuseppe De Santis’ movie “Riso Amaro”, which unfolds in the backdrop of the Veneria farmstead in Lignana and the Vercelli countryside.


The Vercelli plain is dominated by rice cultivation. Kilometre after kilometre of rice fields makes this vast territory a fascinating and evocative environment that reveals a strong sense of balance between nature and human activity, always in perfect harmony with the passing of the seasons, which, in the rice fields, is mirrored by astonishing hazy hues of colour.

In winter, silence and the brown colour of the land at rest prevail. In the coldest months the land appears streaked with the white of frost and shrouded in the silvery grey of fog. In spring, the awakening of the rice fields is brilliant and crystal clear, like the water that floods them, turning them into an immense chessboard of mirrors reflecting the surrounding world, from clouds to mountains, from trees to the smallest blade of grass. In summer, the ripening rice seedlings colour the landscape a bright green that strengthens and energises the landscape, blending well with the blue of the sky and the fluffy summer clouds. In autumn, the ripe rice turns gold and, before being harvested, enhances the landscape with warm, magical hues.


Those who choose to visit Vercelli’s rice fields have the opportunity to come across a multitude of farms and rice mills, which have been dedicated for generations to rice cultivation and processing, immersed in unique environments rich in history. Visitors can buy and taste excellent varieties of rice and learn all the secrets of its cultivation.

The first and only Italian PDO rice is produced in the Baraggia area, on the border between the Vercelli and Biella area. Its excellence is recognised by leading Italian and international chefs who represent the highest expression of the area’s great rice-growing tradition: Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese rice. There are 28 municipalities that make up the PDO production area, while the recognised rice varieties are 7, precisely, Arborio, Baldo, Balilla, Carnaroli S. Andrea, Loto and Gladio.


Farms and rice mills can be contacted to organise guided tours and tasting sessions by appointment


Tenuta Colombara – Livorno Ferraris

+39 0161 477832

Agricola Osenga

Via Sabotino 13 – Trino

+39 348 6422014

Azienda Agricola di Rovasenda Biandrate Maria

Cascina Teglio – Rovasenda

+39 377 4999109

Azienda Agricola Invernizzi Leonardo

Corso Umberto I, 120 – Arborio

+39 338 5843995

Azienda Agricola Lodigiana

Strada delle Grange 20 – Ronsecco

+39 0161 816001


Cascina Vercellina – Vercelli

+39 347 6949072

Azienda Agricola Musso

Via Cascina Masina 11, Frazione Fornace
Crocicchio – Carisio

+39 328 4883496

Azienda Agricola Petrini

Cascina Spinola 1, Livorno Ferraris

+39 0161 478214 – +39 347 4374242

Agriturismo Greppi

Strada Saluggia,110 – Crescentino

+39 335 8224243

Cascina Oschiena

Strada Oschiena-Tabalino – Crova

+39 392 2262845

Azienda Agricola Tenuta Castello

P.zza Castello 8 – Desana

+39 375 5983966

Cascina Valdemino 1904

Cascina Valdemino,10 – Desana

+39 0161 318237 +39 338 7226899

Agricola Veneria

Tenuta Veneria – Lignana

+39 0161 314233

Azienda Agricola Grangia

Via Po, 3 – Fontanetto Po

+39 347 3838010 +39 348 5401379


Via Trino, 200 – Vercelli

+39 0161 271920 +39 393 0837437

Una Garlanda

Cascina dell’Angelo – Rovasenda

+39 0161 856279


Frazione Larizzate – Via Nino Bixio, 6 – Vercelli

+39 0161 393222

Principato di Lucedio

Frazione Lucedio 8 – Trino

+39 0161 81519

Riseria di Asigliano

Viale della Vittoria 10 – Asigliano

+39 0161 36645 +39 331 7706628

Riseria Greppi

Via Monte Bianco, 8 – Tronzano Vercellese

+39 0161 911333

Azienda agricola Praino

Via G. Solaroli 1 – Villarboit

+39 0161 854141

Riso Corbetta

Cascina Marchiazza – Rovasenda

+39 349 8664229

Riso Goio

Via Gattinara 13/A – Rovasenda

+39 348 6643361

Riso Mirabella

Cascina Mirabella 9 – Casanova Elvo

+39 328 5413380

Riso Margherita

Tenuta Margherita – Desana

+39 0161 318481

Riso Ferraris

Cascina Torrone e Cagna – Bianzè

+39 335 6760582

Riso Val Serpe

Tenuta Valserpe – Lamporo

+39 0161 848155


Via Roma 159 – Stroppiana

+39 333 6279944

Riso di Nori

Via Roma 27 – Collobiano

+39 389 0053966

Riseria Giaretta

Via Cà Neira, 5 – Livorno Ferraris

+39 0161 421045 +39 333 9520081

S.p. S.p.a

SS31 km 11 – Stroppiana

+39 0161 216364

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