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Are you looking for adventure and fun? Choose canyoning in Valsesia! You can walk down narrow gullies with crystal clear waters, glide along the current, and drop down with a harness between the rocks to discover breathtaking views.


Canyoning is a fun and adventurous sport that consists in free-flowing down narrow gorges and canyons traversed by crystal clear streams. It is practised without canoes or rubber dinghies. You continue on foot, in close contact with nature, sometimes using ropes to drop down the most vertical sections of gorges or to cross very exposed spots. Canyoning is suitable for everyone as it can be safely practised with the constant presence of an expert guide who will show you the best route to follow and the basic descent techniques. You can freely choose how to face the most exciting laps, depending on your skills, deciding whether to dive, drop down, slide along the current or continue on foot.

Choose canyoning in Valsesia for a unique summer!

Canyoning is a group experience
Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Valsesia


The River Sesia and its tributaries offer those who choose to practise canyoning several routes with different characteristics, to be considered taking into account your level of expertise. These are some of the most evocative itineraries:

  • The Sesia Gullies are an excellent route to approach this sport. The ideal itinerary for beginners, it includes a river trek, without the use of ropes, and some swimming descents with small dives to discover the River Sesia.
  • The gullies of the Sorba stream offer pure adrenaline and fun for those who prefer a more adventurous canyoning experience. With 10 m high dives and a long 6 m vertical slide (which can also be tackled on a rope), this is the route for the fearless!
  • The Artogna stream offers a more challenging and spectacular route, featuring numerous slides and chutes that can be up to 50 m long. For the most daring!

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