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At the exit of the underground in Milan’s Piazza Duomo, a showcase invites passers-by to discover the beauty of the Valsesia and Vercelli area. Promotional panels with eye-catching graphics and emotional snapshots of the province of Vercelli have been on display at this location for over 15 years.

The promotion of the territory, with panels referring to powerful territorial themes, thus passes through Milan, a strategic hub of “made in Italy” tourism and one of the symbolic places of Italian style in the world. 

The site at MM Duomo historically records around 200,000 visits per day, thus guaranteeing an exceptional showcase for the province. The Piazza Duomo stop also intercepts both Italian and international tourist flows.

The graphics selected and curated by ATL present, through the slogan “Meravigliosa Valsesia” (Wonderful Valsesia) and “Meravigliosa” Vercelli” (Wonderful Vercelli), the experiential routes, the scenic and cultural beauties, the summer and winter outdoor proposals, the wine and food itineraries, and the unique initiatives to experience the territory under all aspects.

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Valsesia and Vercelli: a wonderful discovery

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