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The Church of San Giovanni al Monte stands in Quarona, over a previous 5th century Roman building, possibly built as a military post and later used as a church. A baptistery with a small portico was built next to the original core in the 5th century, and later extended. The two cores were later joined into a single complex during architectural renovation works carried out around the 11th – 12th centuries.

The church can be reached by an easy walk through the woods on the slopes of Mount Tucri. From the large churchyard you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley and the village of Quarona. The church of San Giovanni was the parish church of Quarona until 1617.

A short distance from the Church of San Giovanni we find the Sanctuary of the Blessed Panacea al Monte. It is accessible by following a mule track, which is ideally the continuation of the one that links Quarona to San Giovanni. The footpath is dotted with small chapels frescoed with scenes from the life of the Blessed Panacea.

Countless historical sources testify to the Valsesian people’s faith in the Blessed Panacea, patron saint of Valsesia. Panacea was born in Quarona in 1368. Her mother died at a young age, and her father remarried a woman who had always been hostile towards the child, who thus suffered harassment. One spring evening in 1383, her stepmother, not seeing Panacea return home, decided to look for her on Mount Tucri. When she found her in prayer, instead of tending the flock, overcome by an excessive outburst of anger, she killed the child with a stone.



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