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The Gattinara Regional Wine Shop was established in 1999 to relaunch and protect local wines. This objective complements and further underscores the gastronomic tradition and the territory, highlighting its historical, social and cultural peculiarities. The Wine Shop is in Villa Paolotti, once a historic Gattinara wine shop. The 19th century manor house with its cloistered courtyard is the ideal setting to discover all the secrets of our best wines.

The Regional Wine Shops of Piedmont promote knowledge of local wines also in relation to their combination with local cuisine. They enhance and promote the territory, develop actions to preserve and document the cultural, historical, tourist aspects of the wine growing area in which they are located.

The Northern Piedmont Nebbiolo Lands embrace the territories of four provinces – Biella, Novara, Vercelli, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola – in the area that from Lessona passes through the Lands of Bramaterra, reaches Gattinara, then Romagnano, climbs to Cavallirio and Boca, and descends to Ghemme, Sizzano and Fara (recently joined by the new DOC Valli Ossolane). These are villages and towns with a very old tradition of agriculture and vine growing, which has been practised in these areas since the 3rd century AD. The Wine Shop also organises visits to vineyards and hillsides to encourage an all-round encounter with the wine-growing world and with a natural environment charged with ancient charm. All of this can be enjoyed by walking or mountain biking, exploring the rows of vines and centuries old villages rich in art and history, and getting a closer taste of the winegrowers’ profound knowledge.



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