Waral – Urban Art Project

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waral – urban art project

Waral – Urban art Project is an urban art exhibition that gives colour to the town of Varallo by bringing artistic murals to the town centre in an ideal dialogue with the rich cultural tradition of the place. Fascinating works of contemporary art come back to life in the streets of the city centre, decorating façades and historic buildings to give the urban context a new face that is perfectly integrated into the existing fabric.

Waral is a work in progress, which aims to make Varallo an open-air museum where internationally renowned artists, such as Gaudenzio Ferrari and Tanzio da Varallo and others, can be discovered again. The street artists also portray important traditional figures, such as Cecca and Marcantonio, the well-known protagonists of the carnival in Varallo. Come and discover all of Waral’s works!



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