At the exact point where the waters of the Sesia meet the waters of the Sermenza stream lies the town of Balmuccia, a characteristic hamlet surrounded by mountains.


In the centre of the village is the parish church of St. Margaret, built in the 16th century. Adjacent to the church is the Ossuary Chapel, decorated with pictures and striking frescoes.

In 1877, the society “Dilettanti filodrammatici di Balmuccia” (Dramatic amateurs of Balmuccia) started construction works on the Social Theatre, which was highly successful until after World War II with theatrical performances that witnessed a continuous increase in audience. Closed in the 1960s, it reopened in 2008 as a result of the local population’s interest.

A winter view of Balmuccia
Valsesia Super Volcano


The Valsesia Super Volcano, located in an area from Balmuccia to Prato Sesia, was active 290 million years ago. It was discovered during research conducted by some geologists, notably Silvano Singoi of the University of Trieste and James Quick of the University of Dallas.

Research since the 1980s shows that a super volcano with 13 km diameter was present in these territories during the Palaeozoic. According to the data found, its internal structure should still be intact and is estimated to be as deep as 25 km. The deepest part of the super volcano can be seen particularly in Balmuccia.

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