Boccioleto is a municipality located in the Sermenza Valley, the side valley of Valsesia. Bathed by the Sermenza and Cavaione streams, it is a peculiar mountain village, an ideal destination for those who want to combine art and nature, history and local traditions in the typical atmosphere of the ancient Valsesian villages.


Nestled in the mountains of the Sermenza Valley, Boccioleto is a small village founded in ancient times. The municipality of Boccioleto has numerous hamlets, including: Oro, Ronchi, Oromezzano, Solivo, Casetti, Piaggiogna, Palancato and Fervento.

The village is dominated by the Pievana Parish Church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It contains frescoes, wooden sculptures and paintings by Ernesto Lancia, an artist from Boccioleto.

Boccioleto was the birthplace of Giacomaccio (Giacomo Preti), who led a popular revolt against the people of Varallo in 1518 and the General Council of the valley.

Sant’Antonio Abate – Fervento
Boccioleto Tower


The Giavine Tower, also known as the “Boccioleto Tower”, is a massive gneiss spire that stands out above the village, and has become its unmistakable symbol over the years.
From base to summit, it is 90 m in height, and a popular summit for many sport climbing enthusiasts.

The Giavine Tower can be reached from the hamlet of St. Mark and the hamlet of Ronchi by following Trail 386.

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