“Carlo Conti” museum of archaeology and palaeontology

Start your journey to discover the amazing masterpieces and art treasures housed in the museums of Valsesia and the Vercelli area: unique testimonies to the cultural, social and historical life of the area.

“Carlo Conti” museum of archaeology and palaeontology” – bORGOSESIA

The permanent collection showcases a great variety of evidence from excavations conducted on Mount Fenera and in the municipality of Borgosesia: fossil remains of Pleistocene fauna, bone fragments attributed to Neanderthal man, pre-protohistoric finds and material evidence from the Preroman and Roman periods, denote how complex and rich the history of this territory is. The exhibition closes with exhibits from Vanzone Castle, dating from the late Middle Ages to the 19th century. The museum houses two permanent exhibitions: one presents the research activities at the Ciota Ciara Cave, the other is dedicated to the fossil Super Volcano of Valsesia.

“Carlo Conti” museum of archaeology and palaeontology – Borgosesia

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