A castle with a rich and eventful history of jurisdictions, the current appearance has its origin in the fifteenth century, but it was built on a previous construction on which experts are still divided: on the one hand, it is assumed that the original building was a ricetto (a small, fortified refuge), on the other hand, it is thought that it was built on top of another castle.

The original plan was traditional, with corner towers and a central keep, but from the seventeenth century, it was renovated several times. In fact, it is possible to see the many interventions on the structure. Sources still mention that in the seventeenth century, there was a moat 12 meters wide, proving the imposing nature of the ancient fortress.

The Arborio family of Gattinara transformed the Castle into a noble residence, but today only one tower still stands. Starting from the thirteenth century, with two irrigation ditches derived from the Sesia River, agriculture became the feud’s main resource and, when the canal system was strengthened in the eighteenth century, it gradually became a rice-growing area.

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