Situated in a particularly favourable and sunny location, Rossa is a small mountain village with an exceptional view of the Sermenza Valley.


With its southern exposure, the village of Rossa enjoys a very fortunate position as it is kissed by the sun practically all year round. Joined to the municipality of Boccioleto since ancient times, Rossa gained its independence in the 17th century. The village develops vertically, and most of its attractions can be accessed via steep staircases. It comprises six hamlets: Piana, Rainero, Ca’ dei Bianchi, Salerio, Folecchio and Cerva.

The parish church dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption stands in the centre of the village with a 30 m bell tower dating back to the 15th century, and rebuilt in the 19th century

Eleven oratories preserve and contain numerous works by local artists. Several 17th century mills, formerly used for grain processing, can be seen along the course of the Cavaione stream.

The parish church of Rossa
Autumnal glimpse

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Following the itineraries around the village of Rossa means getting lost in the lush nature of forests and mountain pastures. Of particular note is one of the eight Valsesia Art Trails, which leads from Rossa, in a loop of around 11 km, to the alpine pasture Alpe Sull’Oro, revealing several hamlets and characteristic alpine pastures rich in works of art.

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