Located in the heart of the Baraggia region, Rovasenda is a small farming village with a splendid medieval castle dating back to 1170.


Symbol of the village, the Rovasenda Castle built in 1170 stands in the centre of the village in a slightly elevated position. The fortified complex, remodelled several times over the centuries, features an enchanting 48 m high tower (built in 1459), which is among the most fascinating and best preserved in the Vercelli area.

When visiting Rovasenda, you can see that, a few hundred metres from the old castle, there is a second one, built with similar features to the previous one. Constructed in the early 20th century by the famous architect from Turin, Carlo Nigra, the new Rovasenda castle was strongly desired by Count Luigi di Rovasenda who, not having been able to inherit the original manor house, decided to build one for himself.

Rovasenda Rovasenda
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