Serravalle Sesia

Located in a basin just downstream from the confluence of the Sessera and Sesia rivers, Serravalle Sesia is a small town in an area of very ancient settlement at the gateway to Valsesia.


Situated in a mainly flat area on the right bank of the river Sesia, Serravalle Sesia has three hamlets: Bornate, Piane Sesia and Vintebbio. Initially autonomous municipalities, they were later incorporated under Serravalle Sesia from 1927.

he river Sesia has always played a primary role in the area’s economy, as the energy derived from its waters has fed the paper industry for 400 years

Serravalle boasts several of the most interesting religious sites in Lower Valsesia. Two of these enchanting places are: the parish church of Santa Maria di Naula, of Longobard origin, considered the oldest Christian building of worship in Valsesia, and the imposing 11th century Sanctuary of Sant’Euseo, a pilgrim’s target since the 15th century.

Parish church of Santa Maria di Naula
Vintebbio Castle


The Serravalle Castle, of Neo-Gothic architecture and built in the 19th century, stands in the highest part of the village. Today the castle displays a collection of ancient art.

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