Terre d’Acqua ecomuseum

Start your journey to discover the amazing masterpieces and art treasures housed in the museums of Valsesia and the Vercelli area: unique testimonies to the cultural, social and historical life of the area.

Terre d’Acqua ecomuseum

Recovering tradition, handing down a distant but still strongly rooted civilisation and memory, and enhancing the tourist and historical-cultural features of the Vercelli plain. The area intrigues and fascinates with the enchantment of the flooded rice fields in spring, and with the peculiarities of the economy linked to rice production. The Terre d’Acqua Ecomuseum is an “open-air museum”. Its many environments, which characterise the area and its history, offer numerous opportunities to discover and appreciate local traditions.

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Valsesia and Vercelli: a wonderful discovery

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