Known for being the birthplace of Gaudenzio Ferrari, Piedmont’s most important Renaissance painter, Valduggia is a pretty little town located close to the Mount Fenera Nature Park.


Since ancient times, the town of Valduggia has been an important industrial centre with especially two leading companies, precisely the very old Mazzola Foundry, specialised in the production of bronze bells and whose activity dates back to the early 1400s, and the more recent knitwear factory Maglieria Ragno, established in 1879

Easily connected to Lake Orta via the Cremosina road, the town of Valduggia has always been an important trade route. 

The Palazzo Pretorio, in the heart of the city, is the town hall, an eloquent example of 15th century architecture in Valduggia. The parish church is dedicated to St. George and houses valuable frescoes and a triptych from the Gaudentian School inside. The ossuary is situated near the church. The square where the Town Hall and the Parish Church stand is dedicated to Gaudenzio Ferrari, who, according to reliable historical sources, was born in Valduggia. In the Chapel of St. Rochus, one can also admire some frescoes, probably by Ferrari, painted as a thanksgiving to St. Charles for the protection from the plague epidemic from which he and his entire family were saved.

Chapel of St. Rochus
Taragn Trail


From the town of Valduggia, following little used secondary roads and paths through splendid beech and chestnut woods, you can reach oases of peace and calm immersed in luxuriant nature.

Among the most beautiful hikes in the area, we recommend the Taragn trail, which leads from Valduggia to the old town of Sorzano. Along the path you can admire some of the last examples of taragn, ancient peasant dwellings with a rye thatched roof and a base of chestnut trunks, typical of Lower Valsesia until the last century.

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