Varallo art gallery

Start your journey to discover the amazing masterpieces and art treasures housed in the museums of Valsesia and the Vercelli area: unique testimonies to the cultural, social and historical life of the area.

Varallo art gallery

Founded in 1886, it displays works covering a timeline from the 15th to the 19th centuries. In particular, ample space is dedicated to the important testimonies of the artistic calling that has characterised Valsesia over the centuries from Sacro Monte.

The current exhibition includes a large nucleus of sculptures from Sacro Monte itself and from churches in the valley, paintings by Gaudenzio Ferrari and his pupils including Bernardino Lanino. An entire section is dedicated to the works of Tanzio da Varallo and 17th century painting. One wing of the itinerary houses 18th century masterpieces, most of them from Palazzo d’Adda. you will find the important and remarkable collection of majolica dedicated to Francesco Franchi. The recently acquired Remogna collection includes paintings by Camillo Procaccini and Giambettino Cignaroli.

Varallo art gallery

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Valsesia and Vercelli: a wonderful discovery

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