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Framed by beautiful alpine landscapes, clear, emerald waters create ideal river routes for canoeing or kayaking at all levels of expertise. Come and explore the rapids of the Sesia River!

Canoeing and kayaking in valsesia

Canoes and kayaks are two types of sporting boats propelled and manoeuvred by paddles. The kayak offers a comfortable sitting position and a double-blade paddle for rowing on both sides of the boat. The canoe, instead, involves sitting on your knees and using a single-blade paddle to row only on one side. The Sesia River was the venue of the 2001 European Kayak Championships, and of the 2002 World Championships, thus establishing itself as one of the best rivers to practice these sports.  Canoeing and kayaking are sports suitable for everyone, the ideal choice to discover the magical natural landscapes of the River Sesia. The difficulty levels of the river’s various stretches vary greatly depending on the water flow and, therefore, on the season. Experience the rapids of Valsesia safely under the guidance of the river schools!

Paddling through the rapids of the Sesia River
Some sportsmen near the Bridge of Marca


The Sesia River offers several types of descents, from very easy to highly complex, thus meeting everybody’s needs. The difficulty level of the river’s chosen segment varies greatly depending on the water flow and, therefore, on the season. Valsesia offers the possibility of trying out guided kayak descents. Canoe school guides will accompany you on a discovery of the most fascinating stretches of the River Sesia and its tributaries. The river segment will be chosen according to the water level of the rivers but, above all, considering the expertise level of the canoeist. To practice these sports, it is essential to know the Eskimo Technique, a special manoeuvre that returns either the canoe or the kayak to its correct position after it has capsized. It is a matter of artfully using both body and paddle. For the more enthusiastic, river schools organise courses that teach all the secrets of these sports. Attendance certificates are issued upon completion of a course.

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