Let us take you on a journey where you can discover the amazing historical and natural beauty of Varallo and nearby Gattinara.



An important promotional initiative in collaboration with the municipalities of Varallo and Gattinara involved 10 influencers from northern Italy in a blog tour that took them to discover the impressive historical and natural beauty of Varallo and nearby Gattinara.


To enhance the involvement of the potential community, and considering the different areas of influence of the participants, work focused on creating two different theme-based itineraries, precisely an outdoor itinerary and a cultural one, both of which were then enriched by unmissable food and wine experiences.

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Explore the laps of our guests’ journey and choose the experience that suits you best!

Cycling through the vineyards of Gattinara


With Pietro Ienca, Martina Bianchi and Luigi Chiurchi, active members of ‘Trip in your shoes’, a community that aims to make the public more aware of the value of local culture, and Omar Ultra Adventurer, we set off on an outdoor itinerary dedicated to nature and sport, first discovering the Sacro Monte of Varallo and then continuing with a short trek to Monte Tre Croci to admire some splendid views of the autumn landscape. 

In the afternoon we visited a small family farm on the outskirts of Varallo, where people live in a delightful oasis of nature and eco-sustainability by raising cashmere goats and making fine handicrafts.

The second day, instead, centred on discovering the lands of Gattinara, where the group set off at the crack of dawn to cycle a simple route through the area’s vineyards, passing by the Castle of San Lorenzo and the Castelle Tower.

Sacro Monte di Varallo


Filippo Racanella of Le strade di Torino, Ilaria Polo of Le strade di Milano, Carolina Isella of Eccellenza Italiana, Luisa Ambrosini of Tacchi e pentole and Sara Caulfield are exploring and experiencing all the historical and artistic wonders of Varallo. Accompanied by the expert explanations provided by our guides, they can first admire the chapels of Sacro Monte, then the impressive art of Gaudenzio Ferrari in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and, finally, continue with a visit to the Varallo Art Gallery and the Calderini Museum. The day then ends with a tour of the historic districts and a taste of the traditional miacce.

The following day, after an initial visit to a farm on the banks of the Mastallone stream, we reach Gattinara to discover the area’s excellent winemaking tradition at the Regional Wine Shop. After a visit to the Ecomuseum and a tasting of wines and local products, the day ends at the Castelle Tower with a postcard-perfect backdrop: the warm colours of sunset tinting the hills of Gattinara.

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