Cellio con Breia

Cellio con Breia was established in 2018 as the union of the two municipalities that go by the same name. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and woods, it offers breathtaking views and numerous trails for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


It is a typically rural village, surrounded by beautiful woods and with a sublime view of the mountains and Lake Orta. It is also rich in history and typical valley culture. Both the town and its characteristic hamlets, referred to as “the hamlets of the sun”, of which Cellio is the largest, preserve houses of traditional architecture, old mills and presses.

The special feature of Cellio con Breia is the parish church of St. Lawrence, flanked by the highest bell tower in Valsesia (56 m). Inside, the church contains numerous works of art, including paintings by artists Tanzio and Lorenzo Peracino. One of the most interesting buildings worth mentioning is the Oratory of St. James, in the Bosco village, located on ancient transit routes through the woods. Also beautifully frescoed by Peracino is the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Breia.

Every hamlet of Cellio has its own oratory or church. These little jewels of art endow the village with charm and culture.

The parish church of St. Lawrence
Mtb through the village of Cellio con Breia

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