A holiday destination for residents of Piedmont and Lombardy in the 19th century, Cervatto is a charming village that nestles in the green Mastallone Valley.


Located at an altitude of 1044 m, Cervatto is a small tourist centre with a privileged scenic position overlooking the Mastallone Valley and the Cervo Valley. In 1738, the parish of Cervatto separated from that of Fobello, and became a municipality about a century later. Today Cervatto counts seven pretty hamlets: Cadvilli, Cadiano, Giavina, Orlino, Oro Negro and Tamponaccio.

Not far from the village centre, which gathers around the main square, stands the villa known as “The Castle”, which was built in the late 19th century at the behest of the Montaldo family.

Hiking is practised in Cervatto throughout the year, and one of the most fascinating itineraries is the Art Trail dotted with oratories and chapels that leads to the Madonna del Balmone.

Glimpse of “The Castles”
Parish church of St. Rochus


Following the path at the back of the church, you can observe the chapels of the Stations of the Cross, meticulously painted from 1775 onwards by Giovanni Battista Peracino di Cellio, leading to the Oratory of St. John the Baptist.

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