Known for being the birthplace of Vincenzo Lancia, founder of the namesake car manufacturing firm, Fobello is a picturesque village located in the High Valsesia Nature Park.


Fobello is a characteristic Valsesian village rich in history and culture, located at 880 m in the High Mastallone Valley. Awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club, it consists of 23 hamlets. Due to the beauty and richness of its woods, the area is called the Emerald Basin, and is included in the High Valsesia Nature Park.

In the area, you can admire some beautiful villas, such as Villa Musy, Villa Lancia and Villa Lanza, evidence of the elite tourism that transformed the village of Fobello into a renowned holiday resort in the last century.

The parish church dedicated to St. James was erected in 1545. Destroyed on two occasions by the flooding of the Mastallone river, it was rebuilt in 1931.

Glimpse of Fobello
Villa Musy


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