Situated at the foot of enchanting hills, Lozzolo is a pretty farming village where some fine wines, such as Bramaterra DOC and Coste della Sesia DOC, are produced.


The pretty town is dominated by the ancient 13th century castle and the Church of San Giorgio, built in the first half of the 15th century. Just outside the town is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Annunciation, rich in frescoes and surrounded by vegetation.

The town is connected by numerous paths, which can be followed on foot or by bicycle, with the neighbouring municipalities. Do not miss the “Light Trail”, a route that winds its way between Lozzolo and Gattinara, offering breathtaking views of woods and vineyards.

Glimpse of Lozzolo


The extraordinary calling of the hills of Gattinara, Lozzolo and Roasio for Nebbiolo grapevines mainly depends on two factors, precisely a special microclimate favoured by Mount Rosa and a particular subsoil of volcanic origin from the Super Volcano of Valsesia.

Visit a local winery or wine shop for a fascinating tasting experience of excellent wines, and to learn all the secrets of the production of Gattinara DOCG and DOC, Bramaterra DOC and Coste della Sesia DOC.

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