“Picciòla” pharmacy museum

Start your journey to discover the amazing masterpieces and art treasures housed in the museums of Valsesia and the Vercelli area: unique testimonies to the cultural, social and historical life of the area.

“Picciòla” pharmacy museum – Vercelli

The Pharmacy Museum, comprising a route of six exhibition rooms furnished with 18th and 19th century furniture, recounts the evolution of pharmacy over two hundred years of history. The collection exhibits more than 2,000 objects, including balances, spirit aerosols, mortars, marble pestles of all sizes, stills, vases and other amazing items, such as the large crocodile hanging from the ceiling of the room furnished as a laboratory. In addition, more than 1,000 articles, historical documentation, 800 scientific volumes and 400 literature books can be viewed.

“Picciòla” pharmacy museum – Vercelli

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Valsesia and Vercelli: a wonderful discovery

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