The Cathedral treasure museum and chapter archive

Start your journey to discover the amazing masterpieces and art treasures housed in the museums of Valsesia and the Vercelli area: unique testimonies to the cultural, social and historical life of the area.

The Cathedral treasure museum and chapter archive – Vercelli

The Museum, located in the Archbishop’s Palace, has one of the richest existing collections of sacred objects. Relics, reliquaries and artefacts of inestimable value and exquisite workmanship amaze the visitor, while telling the story of the diocese and of the evangelisation as intended by Eusebius, the first Bishop of Vercelli and Piedmont.

On display in the rooms are works of jewellery from the 7th to the 17th century; the facsimile edition of the Vercelli Book, the famous late 10th century codex in the ancient Anglo-Saxon language; artefacts from the restoration of the Cathedral’s great Ottonian Crucifix; reliquaries and liturgical furnishings. The exhibition track closes with the Pope’s Rooms, echoing the persistent bond between Vercelli and the papacy.

In addition to some furnishings related to Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1998, rich textiles and actual paintings are preserved in these rooms. Guided tours of the precious heritage of the Chapter Library can be organised for groups by appointment.

The Cathedral treasure museum and chapter archive – Vercelli

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