Palazzolo Vercellese

A small agricultural town, Palazzolo Vercellese was founded by the Romans along the Via Ticinum-Augusta Taurinorum, once an important route between Turin and Pavia.


Strolling through the narrow streets of Palazzolo, it is worth pausing to admire the charming little square in front of the parish church of St. Germano. Instead, the concrete aeroplane at the very entrance to the town is a curious detail. The trimotor aircraft, which certainly does not go unnoticed given its size, was used as a shower at the heliotherapy colony on the Po River.

From the village, looking out over the hills of Monferrato, you can see the calanchi, spectacular steep walls created by rainwater. The best way to discover these natural formations is to explore the surroundings of Palazzolo Vercellese on two wheels.

Concrete aeroplane of Palazzolo Vercellese
Calanchi near Palazzolo Vercellese (Foto T. Farina)


A place of naturalistic excellence, the Piedmont Po Nature park was created to safeguard the river’s last natural environments. The protected areas between Crescentino and Trino are particularly interesting for birdwatchers, who can admire numerous colonies of resident birds here. In the vicinity of the river and within the protected areas, a number of routes, huts and resting places are signposted, allowing you to enjoy nature in complete relaxation. In the municipality of Palazzolo Vercellese, the picnic area is located in the area known as Isola Colonia where, in the early decades of the 20th century, a heliotherapy colony was built for the town’s children. It was unfortunately damaged in the flood of 2000.

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