Situated between Valsesia and Valsessera and nestled between the woods and the clear waters of the Strona torrent, Postua is a pretty municipality also known as the “village of nativity scenes”.


Lapped by the clear waters of the Strona stream and surrounded by the beech and chestnut woods of the wild Strona Valley, Postua is an enchanting low mountain town that welcomes visitors to a relaxing green oasis with a rich historical and cultural tradition.

The history of Postua originates from the great migratory waves of its inhabitants who, particularly in the 19th century, moved to France and Switzerland. Even today, the French presence in the village is very much felt. The community has maintained strong ties with Postuese families abroad and every year the traditional Postuese Gathering organised by the heirs of migrant families is held in Postua. In summer, many foreign families like to spend their holidays here

The municipality is mainly divided into the hamlets of Roncole, Barinciano, Chiesa, Riva, Fucine and Naulina, all featuring churches and oratories of notable artistic interest. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows, one of Postua’s best known and most popular sites, is worth mentioning.

Frazione Roncole
Christmas cribs of Postua


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