Sentiero Agnona, fraz. BORGOSESIA – POSTUA

Route / Trekking

trail n. 719 Agnona, fraz. BORGOSESIA – POSTUA

Difficulty: medium

average duration: 1 -2 hours

departure altitude: 350 mt

arrival altitude: 459 mt

altitude difference: 300 mt

Route description

Route that has always been used as a link between the two localities. In the central part it winds through the valleys of the Venenza stream and its tributaries, in completely wild territory, at times suggestive.

Starting from Borgosesia, from the Bridge of Agnona, 350m, (in the vicinity of which there is a Geosite of the Supervolcano), climb a steep asphalt road and past the first bend proceed straight along the cobbled road that enters the hamlet of Agnona 400m.

Taking the central street of the village, you follow it to the right. You pass the chapel of St. Anthony and the house of the musician Carlo Fassò, near a little fountain, and immediately afterwards turn left taking a steep little road that soon reaches Piancastello.

Past another fountain, leave path 724 on the right and turn left. Climbing steeply on a comfortable mule track you reach Franzano, a locality consisting of a historic mansion with a large park.

Continue flanking this park on a mule track and take the unpaved road at the junction with route 720. Follow it for a few meters and then immediately take the path on the left that descends to the Nanzola stream.

Ascending the opposite slope with a rather steep section to the next shelf is Ruse Rosse, 620m, where the trail continues and then shortly returns to descend to another minor stream. Having gone around some bumps one then passes some basins whose tracks tend to get lost.
Once past the Sacche stream’s reservoir, continue until the trail becomes a mule track and crosses the Venenza stream via a small bridge that shortly after reaches San Rocco di Postua, where it meets route 724, which continues in a short time keeping to the left until it reaches a small chapel.

Across the paved road you can descend to the village of Postua, 459m, and, passing in front of the town hall, the route ends reaching near the parish church.

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