Renowned for the production of aromatic grappa and for the blueberry festival, Rassa is a picturesque village located at the confluence of the Gronda and Sorba streams. The two charming side valleys are named after them.


The Rassa valleys have been recognised as a Biotype of Regional Interest, and in 2006 the municipality was included in the list of Special Protection Areas.

In the small village, once rich in kilns and water-powered sawmills, you can visit the Brasei sawmill, a wonderful example of a still functioning water-powered sawmill, at the Rassa Wood Ecomuseum. 

The parish church of the Holy Cross, which was enlarged in the 17th century and finely frescoed by two local artists, Orgiazzi and Avondo, is also very interesting

Valsesia Cycle Paths – Val Sorbella


Mountaineering, ski mountaineering, climbing and mountain biking are also practised. You can cycle in a unique mountain landscape along the cycle path that connects the Mera alpine pasture to the Sorbella Valley and the town of Rassa.

River sports are also very common here due to the presence of streams, such as the Gronda and Sorba.

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