Rima – Alto Sermenza

A Walser settlement and the highest inhabited place in Valsesia, Rima is a small village surrounded by a magnificent mountain amphitheatre at the foot of Mount Tagliaferro.


The town of Rima has been part of the municipality of High Sermenza together with Rimasco since 2018. It is a small tourist resort, located in a green basin at the top of the Sermenza Valley, with much of the surrounding area protected by the High Valsesia Nature Park.

The parish church dedicated to St. John the Baptist erected in the 17th century preserves valuable furnishings and wooden sculptures of remarkable importance and beauty.

Below the slopes of Tagliaferro
Artificial marble of Rima


After a visit to the Pietro della Vedova Plaster Library, which exhibits more than two hundred works by the Valsesian artist, a visit to the beautiful Rima basin is a must, following one of the many itineraries that wind their way through the High Valsesia Nature Park.

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