PIODE – Alpe Il Pizzo – Monte Bo di Valsesia

Route / Trekking

trail n. 243 Piode – Alpe Pizzo – Monte Bo di Valsesia

Difficulty: medium

average duration: 3-4 hours

departure altitude: 952 mt

arrival altitude: 2072 mt

altitude difference: 1312 mt

Route description

From the village of Piode, 752m, past the ancient and characteristic bridge over the Sesia River, follow the road briefly to Piedimeggiana, 760m, where the itinerary begins, reaching shortly afterwards the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Pietre Grosse, 814m.

A first section of mule track follows itinerary 241 and climbs to reach the chapel of Madonna delle Pose, 952m. From here you set off on a comfortable mule track surrounded by an attractive beech forest.

You take trail No. 243 at the fork, which leads to Alpe Giumenta and grazes Alpe Balmello, reaching the carriage road at an elevation of about 1480m where you can also arrive by car. The trail continues a little further down the valley.

It skims the Piana Alps and reaches Alpe Il Pizzo, 1704m. This alpine pasture, located between the Meggiana basin and Val Sorba, is a genuine balcony overlooking the Val Grande

Continuing north on the alpine pasture, one arrives at the picturesque Laghetto del Pizzo, on which the Monte Rosa ranges are reflected. The alpine cottages, the green pasture, the pretty pond and the surrounding mountains with Monte Rosa in the background make this a favorite destination for hikers.

Staying on the main road and bypassing the fork on the right that leads to Alpe Sorbella, you will soon reach the junction for Monte Bo, identified by a large stone. Turning right, about a hundred meters later you meet the bike path that climbs from Rassa heading toward Alpe Meggiana. Behind the explanatory panel and the bike station, take trail 243 again, which climbs to the summit of Mount Bo di Valsesia, 2072m. A statue of the Madonna is placed on the summit.

From Bo Valsesia there is an extensive panorama, especially of the Rassa valleys and surrounding peaks.The summit can also be reached from the village of Rassa, following trail 252. On the opposite ridge there is trail 244 to Colma Colora and the Three Alps Head.

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