cyclable Rice paddies n.4 – on the rice roads

Route / Bike

Vercelli – Pizzarrosto – Pezzana – Caresana – Pezzana – Prarolo – Vercelli

An ideal route to discover an area of authentic beauty surrounding the city of Vercelli: the Squared Sea, a pleasant loop itinerary dicirca 40 km that thoroughly explores the Vercelli Rice Fields area.

Difficulty: EASY

Distance: 44 km

average duration: 3 hours

departure altitude: 92 mt

arrival altitude: 94 mt

altitude difference: 2 mt

Route description

From Vercelli station, follow the bike lanes toward Corso Italia to Rione Cappuccini, then continue in the direction of Prarolo, skirting the bank of the Sesia River among poplar groves and rice paddies. At the fork, head toward Palestro to reach the famous “locks,” a series of jumps with which the Sesia River overcomes a drop of about 10 meters. After passing the hamlet of Pizzarrosto, continue to the village of Pezzana. Passing first Tenuta Valgioja and then Cascina Bellincontro, you reach Caresana, famous for the centuries-old tradition of the “Running of the Oxen,” shared with the neighboring municipality of Asigliano, which finds its origins in 1236 and whose origin is now attributed to the stage of return to the village that followed the procession in honor of St. George. Also noteworthy are the majestic parish church of San Matteo and the Church of San Giorgio with the chapel of the SS. Annunziata. Returning toward Pezzana, we

continue on to Prarolo, home to one of the best-preserved castles in the Vercelli area dating back to the end of the 14th century. Built by the Benedictines of the Abbey of Santo Stefano di Vercelli, it is characterized by a cylindrical tower and a quadrangular one with conspicuous machicolations. Also worth mentioning is the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, rebuilt in 1628 and enlarged in the early 20th century, which contains an 18th-century canvas originally painted by Beaumont. Particular then is the public fountain with its incessant jet, also known as the “chita mai.” To return to Vercelli, retrace the bike paths back to the starting point.

Recommended period: spring and autumn

Type of terrain: dirt and asphalt

Other paths

The Vercelli area by bicycle has so much to offer!

Explore all the pleasant loop routes and set out to discover the Vercelli rice lands on two wheels.

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Valsesia and Vercelli: a wonderful discovery

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