Bike path Alpe di Mera-Bielmonte

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bike path Alpe di Mera-Bielmonte

Difficulty: medium

Distance: 20 km

average duration: 3 hours

departure altitude: 786 mt

arrival altitude: 831 mt

altitude difference: 360 mt

Route description

The uniqueness of this itinerary is definitely to unite, while remaining at altitude, two provinces of Piedmont. Riding it means exploring Valsesia but also Valsessera, and cycling in one of the most appreciated and well-known parks in the region, Oasi Zegna.

With a pleasant and scenic chairlift ride, you reach Alpe di Mera. From here descend along the carriage road for about 2 km. to the junction for Bocchetta della Boscarola.

Always follow the yellow sign with the stylized figure of a cyclist and the number 3 in a red field. A smooth dirt road leads up to the 1,423-meter elevation of the Col, with a gentle climb about 2.5 km long.

This is followed by a downhill section, to Dolca, and then an alternating 10-km-long climb and descent to the Fisherman’s House.

From this point the ascent resumes, for about 5 km, until the arrival in Bielmonte through Bocchetto Sessera.

The route runs mainly within the Zegna Oasis in the Alta Valsessera Regional Forest.

The bicycle path is wide and smooth the entire way. The apparently unimpressive duration should be calculated taking into account also the return, which if done in the saddle doubles km and hours indicated.

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