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Route linking two main centers of Valsesia, from Borgosesia to Varallo, capital of art and culture.

Difficulty: EASY

Distance: 17 km

average duration: 1.5 hours

altitude HIGHEST: 501 mt

altitude LOWEST: 356 mt

altitude difference: 176 mt

Route Description

The official starting point is at the cemetery in Borgosesia, where you can park your car in the two large squares. Alternatively, it is possible to start from the city center. The route passes through the village of Caggi, travels along the road in the fields of Rozzo and Caneto, and enters the woods where it meets route 4a Guardabosone-Borgosesia. The two routes at this point become one, which, after crossing the entire forest, reaches the outskirts of Quarona in the Badia area.

After crossing SP 8 and the railroad footbridge, continuing north, you reach the town of Quarona.

From here, following the signs, you pass the sports field and reach the built-up area. Crossing SP 8 again, you take the road to Cilimo where, after about a kilometer, signs invite you to turn left. The path here is a charming cobblestone road that first runs alongside some small chapels and then enters the fields to Pianpresello.

The carriage road from Civiasco (SP 78) leads all the way to Varallo, to the Sacro Monte cable car departure station, through the most characteristic part of the town of Varallo and its historic districts.

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