ALAGNA – Alpe Vigne Superiore, Rif. Barba Ferrero

Route / Trekking

trail n. 207 Alagna – Alpe Vigne Superiore, Rif. Barba Ferrero

Difficulty: medium

average duration: 2 – 3 hours

starting elevation:
wold parking 1278 mt

arrival altitude: 2247 mt

altitude difference: 969 mt

Route description

To reach the beginning of the itinerary, follow the road from the village of Alagna to the square at Wold, 1278m, where you can park your car. (In the summer months you can use the Wold – Acqua Bianca shuttle service for a fee).

Those who proceed on foot, either by choice or during the periods when there is no shuttle service, follow the paved road not open to traffic and, a little further on, can choose between two options: take the path on the left bank of the Sesia, No. 206 which arrives behind the Pastore Refuge in about 1h and connects to Alpe Pile by crossing the small wooden bridge just beyond the refuge on the right and going up the path, or continue always on the paved road until you reach the Acqua Bianca Waterfall in about 45min (arrival of the summer shuttle), from where first a mule track and then a steep staircase starts, reaching Alpe Pile (above the Pastore Refuge).

Passing near the waterfall of the last stream, it continues in hairpin bends on the moraine, bypasses a rocky drop and climbs gently eastward towards Alpe Vigne Superiore, 2247m, where the Barba Ferrero Refuge is located, the arrival point of the hiking section (total 2 -3 hours), which can also be reached with itineraries 207d and 207e, coming from the Turlo way.

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