ALAGNA – Colle del Turlo

Route / Trekking

trail n. 207a alagna, piazzale dell’Acqua Bianca – Colle del Turlo

difficulty: medium

average duration: 3-4 hours

departure altitude: 1495 mt

arrival altitude: 2738 mt

altitude difference: 1243 mt

Route description

To reach the beginning of the itinerary, you need to follow the road from the village of Alagna to the Wold square, 1278m, where you can park your car. You start walking on the paved road precluded to traffic, until you reach in about an hour the square of the Acqua Bianca Waterfall, 1495m (in this section in the summer months you can use the shuttle service Wold – Acqua Bianca for a fee).).

The itinerary starts a few tens of meters after the Acqua Bianca square, continuing to follow route 207 (which leads from Alagna to the Barba Ferrero hut at Alpe Vigne).
At the first turnoff you can admire the Brunnenwasser Waterfall, and continue to climb to an elevation of about 1650m where several trails cross, including on the left path 207f that descends to Alpe Fum Bitz, the Park House, and the Alpe Pile Shepherd Hut, 1575m.

To begin the Turlo road, trail 207a crosses the Testanera Brook and passes through a larch grove, then first touching on Alpe Im Mittlentheil di là, 1928m, and then passing upstream to Alpe in d’Ekku and Alpe Faller.

Continue on the old mule track, passing just short of Alpe Grafenboden and the Turlo lakes, and finally, crossing the old road in several places, reach Turlo Pass, 2738m (in about 3 hours from the Acqua Bianca waterfall).

The path up to the Turlo Pass was in the past a particularly important place of passage, both for trade and for migratory flows: in the 14th century the Walser settlers from Macugnaga passed through here, and they founded the first settlements on the territory of Alagna. It is in fact a historic military road transformed into a mule track in the 1930s by the Alpini.

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